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Structural Characteristics

Fume hood by several major components of the cabinet, fan and high efficiency filters, operating switches, etc. Box cold plate production, surface spray treatment, work tops, stainless steel. Purification unit uses a variable air volume fan system, by adjusting the fan working status, can the average wind speed to maintain a clean work area within the rated range, and efficiency extend the life of the high efficiency filter.

Working Principle

By the Centrifugal fan pressure air through the primary filter, into the plenum chamber, and then after a hepa filtered from the blowing of the wind surface, clean air, clean air flow to the uniform cross-section wind speed through the clean area, the region the dust away, thus forming a work environment of high cleanliness.

Laboratory Fume Hood Feature

  • Internationally recognized PP(polypropylene) are used to form the cabinet by seamless welding engineering.
  • Material thickness : 8mm and 100 mm thickness PE board are optional.
  • Equipped with internationally recognized leakage proof sump, which could be detached out to be cleaned. Shelves are adjustable.
  • Cabinet doors are marked clearly with warning label reading "CORROSIVE".
  • To improve operational safety, padlock could be used to provide extra protection.
  • Cabonet door could be customized as left-open or right-open. Various sizes of double door and single door could be customized.
  • Used to store strong corrosive chemicals, such as sulphuric acid, nitic acid, acetic acid etc. to protect cabinet operator and prople around.

Technical Parameters

Model NameLaboratory steel fume hood gas extractor
Size1200 x 850 x 2350 | 1500 x 850 x 2350 | 1800 x 850 x 1350 (optional)
Viewable WindowUsing : 5mm anti-explosion toughened glass, available to stop at any
height of the rain slider, the main window can slide around.
TopSolid physiochemical board / Epoxy Resin board / Thickness 13/16/19 mm / catcher 26mm (optional).
SocketAnti-dust, Splash proof safety socket with automatic closing lid, size of 60 x 60 mm, 10A /16A / 220V.
LightRound energy saving light hidden in top cieling, not directly
contact with the air in the fume hood. easy to be replaced.
Control PanelMulti-fucntion socket, lighting, fan fan valve control.
SinkUsing imported PP material, chemical resistant, corrosion resistant and organic resistant.
TapUsing copper material with high gloss epoxy powder sprayed surface, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant,
providing single/double/triple outlet types for choice, with detachable nozzle and ergonomic PP handle.
Sewer SystemUsing high density imported PP trap, corrosion resistant, chemical resistant
and organic resistant, with filtering and smelly odour blocking function.
Available Opening Height0 - 800 mm
Face Velocity0.4 - 0.6 m/s
Noise< 60 dB
Airflow Speed1080 - 1700 m³/h
Electricity220 - 380 V AC / 50 Hz / 0.09 - 4kW

Head Office

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